Universitas West Neighbourhood Association


  • Provide a forum where community related information can be shared timeously, for example load shedding, electricity cuts for maintenance or other reasons, water cuts and repair work and other community news of relevance.
  • Provide a variety of opportunities for community members to volunteer for the betterment of Universitas neighbourhood.
  • Work in conjunction with the Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality to maintain and improve services;
    • Maintenance on streetlights and poles.
    • Maintenance and improving on traffic signs and road services (potholes).
    • Maintenance and improving of creational parks and green areas.
    • Maintenance, improving and enlightening residents on fauna and flora (give advice on weeds, no-go insecticides that kills bees and “friendly” insects, trees etc).
    • Maintaining of drainage, sewerage and water systems.
    • Assist MMM in refuge removal (for example encourage recycling in the community).
    • Enforcing the bylaws on marketing placards, billboards and other marketing material.
  • Work in conjunction with the South African Police Services and various security companies to create a safe environment and ensure law enforcement.
  • Work in conjunction with various businesses, schools and churches to ensure a pleasant environment.
  • Educate homeowners, tenants, landlords about their responsibilities and co-operation in community activities.
  • Identify and report dangerous and illegal housing.
  • Work in conjunction with SARS, UFS and Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality towards enforcing stronger house zoning and rental by-laws.
  • Implement action plans to reach out to student houses to improve interpersonal relationships.
  • Research and implement best practices used by other similar communities and neighbourhood associations.

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