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recycling initiative

Recycling Initiative

Recycling Initiative for Paper, Plastic, Metal & Glass ♻️ Dates: 15th June ♻️Time: 09h00 – 11h00 ♻️ Place: Park opposite Gardenia Spar, Jasmyn Ave Please use clear bags only (no black bags). If you don’t have clear plastic bags we’ll trade each of your bin bags with clear bag to use on the recycling day. …

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Tractor Trailer Acquired

Tractor Trailer Acquired

We have acquired a trailer for our tractor for easier transportation for the grass cutting of our medians ! UWNA sincerely thanks everyone who contributes towards our goal for the betterment of our Universitas neighbourhood.

Suspect Vehicle Identification

For Stolen Vehicles

For Stolen vehicles please ask: Is the vehicle equipped with a tracker? How much fuel is in the vehicle? Does the vehicle have an anti hijacking cut out switch (and how soon does the car cut out)? What direction was the car last headed?

Stay Sharp. Be Safe

Suspect Identification

Suspect Identification Tip: Criminals usually have a backpack or something with them (or different layers of clothing) to quickly change shirt/jacket/sweater/cap color. However, very few carry an extra pair of shoes in their bag.